Not content with owning a killer 12 sec HSV Senator , Alex caught the “turbo Ford” bug and bought himself a very tidy BF F6 Typhoon which already had some go fast goodies.
First friday night outing at Calder netted him a very respectable high 11s pass, however by that stage the bug had truly bitten and Alex was in on the following Monday  “I want to go faster!”

We had a good look at his setup and chose a handful of upgrades that would allow us to push the still very healthy std engine just that little bit harder, however at this power level and a few outings at Calder with sticky drag slicks it would only a matter of time before something gave up , first the factory tailshaft and then the gearbox which was already showing signs of previous abuse.
After taking care of those 2 things , Alex was hanging out to get back to the track.
On his 2nd pass of the night still learning to launch a turbo car he achieved a 10.97 , on his 3rd pass a 10.89@128….and yes , Alex wants to still go faster 1836690_10152312319098670_4713179286774152587_o 10533210_476917769109238_8529664424264299935_n11755688_10153407228788286_3630469389852509295_n