Harris and his silver bullet BA XR6T
After seeing the work we did with Mario’s car, Harris asked us to help him out with his own BA XR6T. Initially the car had been setup with a low mount turbocharger and we had a lot of problems trying to achieve the boost levels required to make the power he was chasing – of course not one to ask for much , his request was simple ” I just want to run a 9s pass”
It seemed every time we worked on his car we found another little gremlin that would give us a headache .
For last year’s Ford Forum Nationals, we fitted a high mount GTX42 turbocharger and as such we were plagued with not having the correct size stall converter to allow the much bigger turbo to spool up at Heathcote Park dragway.
Regardless , Harris persisted and on a cooler track on the very last run of the day he managed to achieve his goal -9.94@140MPH and put a huge smile on not only his face but all of us at A.P.S.
Harris has since changed the torque converter and at the last outing at Calder dropped his P.B. down to 9.73 @ 142mph

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