We met Mark around 5 years ago when he attended one of our dyno days. He was not happy with the work he had done elsewhere and was tired of excuses and broken promises.
Over the past 5 years , we have become good friends and have been amazed at the evolution of this car.
We have no real 1/4 mile times as yet , Mark’s comical venture at trying to run a time at Calder on street tyres would be best described as something resembling “a great dane trying to bury a bone in a marble floor” .

Mark’s car has been featured in a Street Machine video  , has been on several club shows, cruises,  and also attended the “dyno ” at the last 3 “Cruise for Charity”  events as well as representing APS ,  Yella Terra and Whipple Superchargers at last year’s Motorex.
The focus now will switch to drag racing and running a time which is indicative of the power.
Currently, Mark’s Whipple supercharged and E85 burning VE GTS  is putting out in excess of 550 rwkw through a built 6 speed auto , however we believe that this is well above the capacity for this gearbox and as such this is about to change.


Street Machine article here

fullBOOST video here

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