We asked Peter to put into words his experience so far with us , here’s what he had to say :

“I purchased my V2 Monaro with the intention of building it to Improved Production specifications and competing in Hillclimbs, Super Sprints and perhaps another Targa. I was looking for a new engine builder and I visited at least half a dozen before deciding on APS.
I wouldn’t say I was a difficult customer but I do need people who understand what I am trying to achieve and can work together with me over the long term. I’m pleased to say that Frank, Luis and the boys exceeded my expectations and I look forward to what is now our third year with the V2 Monaro campaign. APS is far more than just a performance shop of course and with their help I have won the Vic State Hillclimb Championship and the Vic Super Sprint Championship plus a growing list of class records in Victoria and NSW.
A new engine is underway at the moment and I look forward to achieving even more in the 2015/16 year. I would recommend APS to anyone considering modifying their vehicle for either the road, track or strip.”

PeterD V2 Monaro, powered by APS!

IMG_6781 IMG_20150208_122732554_zps020fffb2 V2 before engine_zpsmteodn14



Some youtube footage of Peter in action
Bathurst Hillclimb esses
SDMA Hillclimb
Calder park legal off street