One of the most photographed cars we’ve been involved with is Steve’s awesome LSA powered VK HDT “Meanie”.
Having failed to make good reliable power from the Holden engine ,and having wasted a lot of effort ,time and money , Steve turned to APS after hearing about us through word of mouth
Being a chippy by trade , Steve purchased a crate VF GTS spec LSA engine and installed into the VK’s engine bay in his own garage !  We were blown away at the quality of Steve’s work when he finally delivered the car to us to in order to make it work as it should.
We suggested switching to pump E85 ethanol fuel together with a boost pulley upgrade and installing  one of our tried and tested camshaft packages.

After some shake down runs , Steve got the exact result he wanted……… and then a little extra !

fullBOOST feature video link here

fullBOOST vid at the drags link here